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Photo by Yuen Nga Chi, Wong Pak Hang, Winsome Wong

1) Moon Pits 星球上的坑紋
文件夾,亞加力膠片,LED 燈,桌墊上的裂紋 Folder, acrylic board, LED light, scratches on the table mat, 35*64cm, 2023

2) Bird Flower Stars Sun and the Crack 鳥花星星太陽裂口
床褥,亞加力膠片,木, LED 燈,衣服,卡式帶盒裂口 Mattress, acrylic board, LED light, clothes, cracks on cassette tape case, 90*60cm, 2023

3) Sleeping Flowers and Sparkles  花和花火
床褥,亞加力膠片,木, LED 燈,桌墊,桌墊上的花和洞,紙巾包裝上的花,屏幕,Mattress, acrylic board, LED light, table mats, flowers and holes on the table mats, flowers on the package of tissue, monitor, 尺寸可變 size variable, 2023

4) Dancing Scratches and the Window 或許在跳舞的劃痕和窗口
亞加力膠片,衣服,卡式帶盒裂口,桌墊上的裂紋, 床褥, 屏幕 Acrylic board, clothes, cracks on cassette tape case, scratches on the table mat, mattress, monitor, 尺寸可變 size variable, 2023





In the household full of stuff, the artist discovers the transience of things. She salvages some images from the objects that carry a sense of comfort and tranquility, finding floral, bird, and animal images scattered on tissues, placemats, clothes and bags. The artist believes that these images and small objects bear witness to a person's experiences and contribute to the "beauty" of the objects. Even without these considerations, they possessed inherent beauty but were submerged in the piles of things. Due to the passage of time and long period of storage, the objects bear marks including creases, cracks, and wear, which are often considered flaws.

The artist accepts the various flaws of the objects and contemplates the impermanence and fleeting nature of things. The series of works start from the marks on the objects. The artist used "framing" and material transformation as a process to spotlight the essence of these small objects. The artist transferred the images onto acrylic boards and carved them along the creases and marks. She used some discarded objects, such as folders and mattresses, to assemble frames and installations, allowing the images to be "well-placed". By closely examining and accepting the marks and traces, she explores the possibility of providing solace to oneself or others, re-imagining a sense of serenity.


2023 Stuffy Here, Group Exhibition curated by siutung, Wure Area, Hong Kong



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