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WONG Winsome Dumalagan 黃慧心


Wong Winsome Dumalagan mainly works on videography and the sculpting of images. Through moving along with the camera, composing and sculpting the texture and rhythm of the images, she believes that helps guide one to step into daily life and comprehend it.Thus, most of her work is about the everyday, created in the different cultural contexts she inhabits, such as Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Hong Kong. She also spent a lot of time thinking about the authority of images and art, that there are times she credits that the sources of her works are people around her and that she acts as an “agent” or “co-creator” of the works. She’s a member of Floating Projects Collective. 



Solo Exhibitions

2023 the fields in the shadow of the lowered eyelids 下垂眼皮的陰影裏有些田, Diana Cheung Experimental Gallery, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong

2023 the portraits lying aside 待在一旁的肖像, Hong Kong International Photo Festival, Current Plans, Hong Kong

2023  Their Temporary Night Views and On-Screen Homelands 暫時的夜景和熒幕家鄉, 55 Squared, Tai Kwun Contemporary Parade Ground, Hong Kong

2022 Lorna's Party 安娜的派對, Floating Projects, Hong Kong





Group Exhibitions 

2023 Mending Years, L0 Gallery, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, Hong Kong
2023 It's Stuffy Here 物池, Wure Area, Hong Kong 
2022 香港文學季 2022:水字部, 文學藝術展覽, Hong Kong Literature Season 2022, Literature and Art Exhibition, 香港文學生活館 the House of Hong Kong Literature, Hong Kong
2022 Grounding, Group Exhibition by SAMPLE, Tomorrow Maybe, Hong Kong
2021 Noble Rot, Para Site, Hong Kong
2021 A'fair - this can't go on, Hong Kong
2021 Walk Slowly. Walk Slowly. The Sun is In No Hurry. Joint Photography Exhibition, Negative Space, Hong Kong 
2020 Photography Category, Rencontres Internationales Traverse, Toulouse, France
2020 Video Art Category, Photography Category, Rencontres Internationales Traverse, Toulouse, France
2020「浸泡・手槍・肥皂箱」良日激動所攝影聯展 space joint photography exhibition, Taiwan
2019 FLAME HK Video Art Fair, Hong Kong
2019 Have a Balanced Diet 3: Home Making - Video Exhibition + Forum, Floating Projects, Hong Kong               
2018 Julian Lee Asia One Photographic Awards Photography Exhibition, Hong Kong                           
2018 Clusters of Instances - School of Creative Media Annual Show, Hong Kong
2017 Unfold - School of Creative Media Annual Show, Hong Kong
2017 Back and Forth: Hanging there, Going where, Exhibition and Screening, Floating Projects, Hong Kong                    


2023 Drifting Maps: Image Fragments from the Philippines and Cambodia 流動拼圖:來自菲律賓、柬埔寨的影像碎片, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong
2023 Citrus Worlds I, Art Central, Hong Kong
2021 Memory as Border/less, Online Screening, Ge•stell, Taiwan
2019 Video Cypher Vol. 7: Neo-fetishism, Hong Kong
2019 Videography. Micro Narratives. Temporal Beings. Our Manifesto, Hong Kong    
2015 Loop Barcelona Video Art Festival, Barcelona

Grants and Awards

2023 HKAC CREATORS FOR TOMORROW, Hong Kong Arts Centre   
2021 2046 Fermentation+Fellowships, Para Site
2020 NoExit Grant for Unpaid Artistic Labour, Para Site 
2020 Hong Kong Arts Development Council Project Grant
2018 Julian Lee Asia One Photographic Awards
2017/2018 New Vision Award, School of Creative Media Annual Show

Publication included in

2021 人的步調練習  Pacing Exercises, A Growing Collection of StepBackForward Methodologies, First Edition, Step Back Forward 彳亍以行
2021 Our Manifestos II: Videography, Documentary Impulses
2020 沿着海岸走的限制, Sample Magazine vol. 20 海洋四維體
2014 Halfway Home V. Department of English, City University of Hong Kong


2013-2018 Bachelor of Arts (Hons), School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong


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