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Photo by Yuen Nga Chi 
Courtesy of SAMPLE

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Scraps Not from the Odyssey  

Mixed Media and Video Installation 混合媒介與影像裝置, 2022




By hypothesis or conjecture, the present was the future in the past. Human civilisation slowly developed from caves to uninhabited buildings in vacant cities. Images made of digital pixels are the cave paintings of the present, waiting to be discovered in the future as a testimony to the past. Those who hold power and resources claim they are exploring the possibilities of living elsewhere, or they try to be the first to seize the means to realise these possibilities. They have to control every ounce of information, geological and biological, about a place. The colonies they seek to acquire are on Earth, as are on other planets. 

They continue their 'exploration' practice. For those who do not, cannot, or are uninterested to participate in their way of exploration, the place of the future or another place of the present may exist here: a cat's water dispenser is like a sacred source of water; enormous buildings in the wasteland is permeated with the promise of the future, but might be swallowed up by plants once again; a drone in front of us captures all the portraits, easily, contributing to the rapidly expanding databases that remain invisible in front of the eyes of many...The so-called ordinary things and landscapes passing by in front of us every day are sometimes mixed with an inexplicable sense of strangeness and familiarity, like a subtle mutation in data's steady calculation.


2022 Grounding, Group Exhibition by SAMPLE, Tomorrow Maybe, Hong Kong



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