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Void Circulation 
6'40", 2019

When chaos reaches a certain level, there’s no longer need to distinguish matters, meanings, messages, good or evil…they are just existing as the condition they are in, to be there, in a neutral state, with no bias, no prejudice, no judgement, a direct existence in the cycle of nature, in a much larger scope of life, entering the void.


The project starts with a basis of practicing the algorithms of space and time throughout the four parts of the video, leaving audience to dissect the procedural relations among these images. This further links to the technological imagination of a future state of human with objects as the extension of body while objects as well nurture body.


There’s space, appearance of body in space. Going through a certain procedure, placing an object in the space. As the object is created, it soon stands alone as itself, leaving the creators’ body, meanwhile still containing the historical stories of the procedures and process of which the object has gone through. Objects and body could be further extended, leading to reconstruction of a certain time space. The order is placed with a certain algorithm, while it could be brought back to a shuffle, and be reconstructed with another set of algorithm, a Sisyphus in new order.

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