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Afternoons 晏晝, 2019

Afternoons, 2016

Afternoons 晏晝
16:9 | color | sound | 25'00", 2016 | 24'03", 2019


I don’t live with my grandparents anymore since I graduated from primary school. And my grandma has moved to the home for the aged since then, as her physical condition got weaker and weaker, she stayed home less frequent. Sometimes when I visited them, if grandma was also there, we would spend an afternoon basically doing nothing much, mainly with my grandma talking, repeating similar topics. Sometimes I would visit them separately, I would first visit grandma at the home for the aged, and then grandpa, who lives near by but would be difficult for him to walk too far to visit grandma, or maybe vice versa. 


In 2016, I made the first part of the video, recording one afternoon in grandpa’s home, and the conversations of different times at grandpa’s home and the home for the aged. At that time, I didn’t intend to analyse the conversations in detail. Then in 2019, I occasionally watched the video again one night, I still didn’t pay much attention to the content of the conversations, I was just listening to grandma’s voice comfortably like listening to the radio. Then, I decided to go through it once again, together with the afternoon moments after my grandma passed away, to take it serious and record what were once being said. 


小學之後不再與爺爺嫲嫲同住,嫲嫲也搬到老人院,隨著身體越漸衰弱也越來越少回家。有時探望他們,嫲嫲也在家的話,就享受在舊居百無聊賴,主要是嫲嫲說話、重複著話題的下午。 有時就分開探望老人院的嫲嫲,和住在附近但也不太方便走太遠路探望嫲嫲的爺爺。


2016 做了作品的第一部份,記錄了在爺爺家的一個下午,和與爺爺嫲嫲不同時候在老人院和舊居的對話,那時並沒有仔細分析那些對話。2019年偶爾有一晚回看這段影片,同樣沒有怎麼分析對話內容,就是很舒服的聽著嫲嫲的聲音,像收音機一樣。我於是決定再回顧一遍,加上嫲嫲過世後的一些下午的片段,好好認真紀錄一遍。

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