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Her Voice Couldn’t Reach Our Senses
1'53", 2013

This video is about the limitation of empathy. The video of the girl in the middle of the screen is from a documentary about Israeli-Palestinian War called Occupation101 . We wish for peace but it seems difficult for us to care for those who are suffering. We are too far away from them. We are in our comfort zone, with relatively peaceful life and colourful urban life. We couldn't hear her voice. 


同理心是有限的。畫面中間女孩的片段來自一個叫Occupation101的以巴戰爭紀錄片。我們希望和平,但要真正的關心或者感受到受苦的人的感受, 似乎是困難的, 我們距離他們太遠。 在相對和平的地方,在繁華的都市生活, 我們聽不到她的聲音。

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