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在森林酣睡的鹿 The Forest Where the Deer Sleeps
20'02" | 2021




There was a time when I was constantly on the move. But in recent years I have been forced to stay. The rapid change in the outside world twists and pulls the quiet past, which occasionally emerges, almost detached from the present self. A line from a poem comes to my mind, but I cannot remember every word of it, nor can I read it again. I want to write a song that can soothe the soul, but I am not capable of doing so. Therefore, I can only create a forest planted with those barely-remembered memory pieces, letting the deer sleep inside.

The Forest Where the Deer Sleeps is made up of footages occasionally taken in different situations and places over the course of six to seven years (from 2014 to 2021), recorded with portable filming tools such as mobile phones, DV, cameras, and toy cameras. Some parts of the sound is composed of fragments of ambience and also music being played on site when the videos were recorded. While they are assembled with parts that are composed of sounds and noise that I played with immature skills and not-well-functioning/broken musical instruments like guitar, erhu and bass recorder. The video was made during the pandemic when there’s lockdown everywhere and also during the times of drastic political change in Hong Kong. 

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