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Scenery Seen 看風景人看風景
2‘11”, 2014

Spectacle is always attractive. With the common use of mobile phones and cameras, we could easily record down any moments. Yet, the more onlookers there are, the more flashing cameras we could see. By that time, what would be the relationships between the spectators and the subject? Will the value of the subject turned from an existence to merely a scenery?

The footages were taken during the Umbrella Movement in 2014. 


景觀,一些似是具代表性的場面總是引人注目的。我們現在總是可以用手機相機把一切拍下。然而, 當圍觀的人愈多,舉起相機愈多,觀看者與被觀看者的關係又是什麼?被觀看者的價值會否由確確實實的存在變成單單的一個風景? 


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