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The Rite of Passing By: I didn’t see them but I saw them 

found objects, papers, stickers, size variable, 2021


I don’t usually look at my neighbours, perhaps I thought home could be one of the most intimate and private places for a person and I thought that’s a kind of respect. But since 2017, I started taking snaps of garbage and unwanted stuff in my neighbourhood and those on the street, and accumulated a lot photos of these unwanted stuff while I never get to know who they belong to. Their images stayed in my phone, computer and memory, while they could be forgotten by their owners whom I never would know their identity. And I imagine the state of these families through the objects they left behind - a lot of people lived on the same floor, yet after all these years I still couldn’t distinguish them, nor do I have the idea of the number of people lurking in the different units on same floor. Anyway, before these photos of unwanted objects and some of these beautiful wooden structures I found outside the garbage chamber also got forgotten by me because of their increasing amount, I just thought maybe I can do a simple rite just to transfer these images and memories of them to others.

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