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(Life, Life) Before Disappearance  消逝之前(日日) 
Installation, 2017

There’re moments when I always thought about (at the same time fearfully and confusingly desiring) my disappearance. I wondered by that time what scenes or moments would appear in my mind; and what would I want to hold onto. “Life, Life” to me are those moments I would unintentionally often thought of; those ordinary daily life moments which seem to be limitless yet are in fact limited. I know I could never present those moments exactly like what they are in reality, and they may have already turned from memories and reality into memories of a certain feeling and sensation. Those appearing in “Life, Life” could be people important to me, a moment in my childhood looking at the sky from the window, some feelings I would like to remember, or some new perspectives I just discovered in seeing daily life. Some of these moments in “Life, Life” are created from videos I took before, while some are intentionally taken in order to hold onto certain things, like how I want to hold onto life now.

有一陣子常常在想(同時帶有畏懼與混亂的渴望),假如我即將消失於這個地方,腦海中會閃過哪一些畫面,會想留戀或抓緊什麼。日日對我來說就是這些有意無意會重複在我意識中出現的畫面,也是生命中一些看似無限卻有限的平凡生活日常。我知道我不可能把那些畫面如現實般一模一樣的呈現,而的確那些在腦海中浮現的畫面或許也一早從回憶或現實化成一種感覺的記憶。日日中出現的可能是我生命中重要的人、回憶中如童年一個往窗外看的一刻、想要記住的感覺、也可能是一個才剛剛發現的看平凡生活的角度。短暫的片段有的是回溯以前所拍下的 ,也有的是為了抓住什麼而特意去拍。現在的我也同樣的想好好抓住日日。

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